4 companies championing energy efficiency

15 September 2017 Kingspan Group
As the landscape of clean energy improves, more choice is available in the quest for a green future. Many organisations are investing in renewable energy.
Around the world, ambitious goals have been set. EU member states have legally-binding renewable energy targets, while California aims for 60% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2030. Companies are on board too as more than 100 global brands joined the RE100 making a commitment to go 100% renewable.
But other companies have opted to become more energy efficient, as The Paris agreement suggests targets for reductions in emissions should take precedence over renewable energy.
Some companies out there are already leading the way by adopting policies to address both energy efficiency and renewable-energy use. Here are just a few of them:


walmart_kingspan insulated panels
American retailer Wal-Mart actively tries to make its operations more energy efficient across its 11,700 retail units. One way it achieves this is by using the least amount of energy possible during construction of stores.

Wal-Mart also introduced LED lighting and energy efficient appliances to many of its stores. It even used Kingspan Insulated Panels in the construction of new stores in Canada.

Since 2005, the company also installed 105 megawatts of solar panels on the roofs of 327 stores and distribution centres. These produce enough energy to power over 100,000 houses. Wal-Mart plans to double this number by 2020.


Known for its electronic devices, Samsung has adopted various measures in its quest to become more energy efficient and to reduce energy consumption. These include setting up high-efficiency facilities and the use of energy management systems, as well as training programmes for its employees.

The South Korean conglomerate is also implementing new strategies to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology. Samsung has significantly expanded its renewable energy plans for its facilities and new buildings too.
In 2015, the amount of consumed energy replaced by renewable energy reached 92.06 GW/h, the equivalent of roughly 54,000 barrels of oil.

In 2015, Samsung won the Energy Star Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award for the third time. The global award was for its efforts in becoming more sustainable, as well as the company’s commitment to educating consumers about the positive impact of energy efficiency.


In April, Kingspan announced that it surpassed its target of generating at least half of its aggregate energy use from renewable resources by 2016. This means Kingspan is on track to reach its goal of achieving net zero energy consumption at all its facilities by 2020,
Kingspan is achieving this with an approach that includes both energy efficiency and making the most of renewable energy. Kingspan has saved energy by reducing its overall lighting and heat costs by over 30%. It also generates renewable energy on-site and where this isn’t possible, Kingspan buys more from fully-certified sources.


rsz_starbucks_kingspan (1)
Starbucks employs over 300,000 employees in its 26,736 stores around the world. In recent years, Starbucks has made significant progress in developing new strategies to reduce energy consumption in both new and existing stores.

All of the coffee giant's new stores across Europe are designed, constructed and operated to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. To date, the company have built more than 1,200 LEED certified stores across 20 countries.

Starbucks are looking to push those figures even further and currently plan to have 10,000 green retail stores around the world by 2025.

In addition to reducing energy usage, Starbucks is increasingly focused on sourcing energy from renewable sources.
Find out more about Kingspan’s journey to become more energy efficient here.

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