What is ISO 9705-1?

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ISO 9705-1: 2016 is a large-scale reaction to fire test for wall and ceiling lining products. It is designed to simulate a fire beginning in a room corner from ignition to flashover. The test is used as a reference scenario to define class limits within the Euroclass system.  

How the ‘Room Corner Test’ Works

The test is carried out in a room which is 3.6 metres long by 2.4 metres tall and wide and has a doorway in the centre of one end. The lining product is mounted on three of the walls and the ceiling of the room and a gas burner is placed in one of the corners opposite the doorway wall. A large exhaust hood is mounted outside the room above the doorway to capture smoke and gases exiting the room.

During the test, the burner is run at 100 kW for ten minutes and 300 kW for a further ten minutes (or until the room reaches flashover). The peak temperature is designed to approximate the heat output from a fire in a large waste paper bin.

The main testing criteria is time to flashover (if this occurs). This is recorded as either the point at which temperatures exceed 1000 kW or flames are observed coming through the door. A number of other parameters are also recorded such as smoke production rate, CO and CO2 Production Rates and Oxygen depletion rate.

Is ISO 9705-1 used within Euroclass?

ISO 9705-1 was used as a reference test during the development of the Euroclass system. In particular, it was used to set the classification criteria for the intermediate scale Single Burning Item (SBI) test.  

It is not used as part of the actual Euroclass testing process.

Its use as the reference test for Euroclass has been questioned as, whilst ISO 9705-1 is solely designed to assess wall and ceiling lining products, the resulting Euroclass system is used to assess a much wider range of construction products, many of which will never be used in this application. To account for this, the Euroclass system allows products to be assessed ‘in application’ as part of a complete build-up.
You can download the full testing standard from the International Organization for Standardization:
ISO 9705-1: 2016, Reaction to fire tests -- Room corner test for wall and ceiling lining products -- Part 1: Test method for a small room configuration