What is FM 4882 and how does it relate to the fire performance of insulated panels?

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Read the information below and watch the video to learn more about FM 4882 and how it relates to the fire performance of insulated panels. Don't forget to test you've understood everything by taking the short quiz afterwards.

Stringent insurance industry requirements have led to the development of specific insurer-driven large-scale fire tests, in order to differentiate the fire performance of insulated panels with different cores. Kingspan's insulated panels were first tested and approved to insurance industry standards in 1995: demonstrating a commitment to focusing on realistic, insurer-driven large-scale tests to assure the excellent fire performance of its systems in real life building applications for almost 25 years.

FM Approvals

FM Approvals, part of FM Global - a worldwide insurance and risk management enterprise, is an international third party testing and certification service for property loss prevention products and services used in commercial and industrial facilities.

FM Approved panels are subjected to a significantly more rigorous test regime than non-approved panels, and their mark is recognised and respected worldwide. 

Approval is based on satisfactory evaluation of the product during the tests, but also of the manufacturer through examination of manufacturing facilities and audit of quality control procedures to ensure the manufacturer’s ability to consistently produce the products which are examined and tested and the marking procedures used for identification. These examinations are conducted at a minimum frequency of annually as part of FM Approvals’ Surveillance Audit Programme.

FM 4882

FM Approvals' FM 4882 standard is the only testing regime in the world that certifies the use of insulated panel systems for smoke sensitive occupancies.

FM 4882 approved Class 1 low-smoke insulated panel systems are subjected to a combination of small, intermediate and large-scale tests designed to mimic real-life application. One of these tests is the 16ft Parallel Panel test.

There are two levels of performance, each with different requirements:

1. Cleanrooms and similar occupancies
2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, food preparation and storage, and similar occupancies.