The real value of space

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Space can be defined as “a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied”. As a concept, space is important in many areas of human life from mathematics to physics to philosophy. But in an ever expanding and advancing world, ‘space’ can be hard to come by, and in the construction industry, space is at a premium now more than ever.

If we can quantify the real value of space, in this case in new non-domestic buildings, then we can start to understand its importance not only physically but financially. The usable space within a building is a fundamental metric in understanding the investment potential of real estate. After all, property with greater internal floor area commands higher rent and therefore potentially higher ROI.

Course Modules

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    Types of insulation and the benefits of thinner solutions
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    Currie & Brown research method
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  • 4
    Currie & Brown research results
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