Regulations and Standards for Energy Efficiency

  • Est Time: 3 hrs
  • Modules: 6
  • Progress: Not started
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Building Regulations are statutory instruments that help to ensure that legislation is adhered to and most building work in the UK requires Building Regulation approval. Over the last decade there have been regular changes to the Building Regulation requirements in Great Britain, with an end goal of achieving significant carbon emission reductions. There are separate regulations for England, Wales and Scotland. The most recent amendments for England took effect in April 2014 when Part L 2013 came into effect. There was a major change with Wales breaking away for the first time. The new Welsh Regulations came into effect in July 2014, and in some respects are more rigorous than the English ones. The latest Scottish Standards (Section 6) were implemented in October 2015, and are more rigorous still.

The aim of this CPD is to provide an understanding of Part L for England and Wales (Conservation of fuel and power) and Section 6 (energy) of the Scottish Standards, focusing on the key aspects of each document, specifically looking on the parts that are relevant to building fabric insulation. The course also covers:
  • how compliance with the regulations and standards can be demonstrated in both domestic and non-domestic scenarios,
  • insulation values of building elements,
  • air permeability,
  • heating efficiency and much more.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the Part L Regulations for England and Wales and Section 6 of the Scottish Standards, and when they apply.
  • An appreciation of suggested best starting u-values to comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations and Standards.
  • An appreciation of the importance of air permeability and thermal bridging  when demonstrating reasonable provision for compliance.
RIBA 2018 Core Curriculum areas
  • Design, construction and technology
  • Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Sustainable architecture   
You can find the relevant official documents below, but in the course modules you will focus on understanding the key aspects of each document.            

Course Modules

  • 1
    New domestic builds (England)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 2
    Existing domestic builds (England)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 3
    New non-domestic builds (England)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 4
    Existing non-domestic builds (England)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 5
    Approved Documents Part L (Wales)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 6
    Building Standards Section 6 (Scotland)
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started

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