Building Efficiency

  • Est Time: 2 hrs
  • Modules: 4
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How do we ensure that our buildings are built efficiently, making the most of the resources available?

This course explores the issues surrounding energy efficiency and financial savings in commercial and private domestic developments.

 Along with guest speakers from Passivhaus Trust, Sustainable Energy Association, Currie & Brown, Anthesis-Caleb and Aquarian Cladding as we consider some of the key issues from modern methods of construction to understanding the real value of space. With the fight against climate change becoming of increasing urgency we explore how the built environment is a vital component in this battle.

Course Modules

  • 1
    Real Value of Space - Currie & Brown and Kingspan Insulation
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 2
    Importance of the Built Environment in the Battle against Climate Change
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 3
    Traditional Brick Facades using Modern Methods of Construction
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started
  • 4
    Decarbonising Non-Domestic Buildings: Wrap then Heat – Sustainable Energy Association
    Est Time: 30 mins
    Progress: Not started