Rainwater Harvesting in a very modern London setting.

A narrow, West London home benefits from Kingspan Water Envireau rainwater harvesting system capturing rainwater in the house's guttering.

The Project


This narrow eco-friendly new home in West London is squeezed into the 2.4 metre space between two semi-detached villas.  As well as installing a ground-source heat pump to heat and supply hot water to the building, the architect-owner was keen to install rainwater harvesting to lower mains water usage.


A Kingspan Water Envireau rainwater harvesting system was installed to capture, filter and store water from the 72 m2 roof and guttering, in an underground 1,200 litre tank. The water is transported, via a soundless pump, to a header tank in the roof and is used to flush all four loos in the house.

Kingspan Envireau

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