Fuel and Oil Separators

Our Kingspan Klargester Separators have been designed to attach to surface drainage systems to trap hazardous substances that may have leaked from vehicles, before it pollutes the local environment. They can be used in a range of applications including; forecourts, hauliers’ yards, car parks and vehicle maintenance areas. Full support is available in house to ensure the separators are sized correctly for your project from our Klargester expert team.

To enhance the performance of your separator system, and enhance your pollution prevention strategy, Kingspan are proud to offer SmartServ Pro. SmartServ Pro will allow you monitor your separator remotely and will alert you to high levels or faults.

For more advice on selecting the right separator for your project, and how SmartServ Pro will benefit you, contact our team via email (klargester@kingspan.com) or by calling AquaFlow
Our AquaFlow devices have been designed to control the runoff rate of water flowing into local watercourses. The aim of the AquaFlow flow control devices is to help avoid flooding to natural habitats and receiving watercourse downstream from the water source. The devices are available in 1.2, 1.8 & 2.6 model sizes with GRP constructed chambers. With AquaFlow you could benefit from:
  • Standard range 0.5 20 l/s with orifice plates available for bigger non standard sizes
  • Variable inlet connection sizes available
  • Chamber large enough for ladder access in emergency situations
  • Standalone product, compatible with crate systems
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