Klargester Commercial Below Ground Rainwater Harvesting System

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With more than 10 years expertise in the design of commercial rainwater harvesting systems, the Klargester commercial below ground solution, leads the way in offering a fully integrated solution for a range of commercial premises.

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Product Brochure:

Kingspan Klargester Rainwater Brochure

Product Overview

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The Commercial Envireau Rainwater harvesting system delivers a dependable supply of water, no matter the size of the commercial building.

Features and Benefits
  • Enjoy a bespoke fit. We'll consider roof water yield, projected water consumption and ground work criteria.
  • Capacities from 6000 to 79000 litres within a single tank
  • Multiple tanks can be joined to cater for larger volumes
  • Can be installed under trafficked areas
  • Complete packaged units delivered direct to site
SINGLE PUMP Product Code TWIN PUMP Product Code Roof Size (m2) Capacity (Ltrs) Diameter (m)
ENV0200SKSW ENV0200TKSW 200 6000 1.4
ENV0275SKSW ENV0275TKSW 275 8000 1.8
ENV0350SKSW ENV0350TKSW 350 10,000 1.8
ENV0485SKSW ENV0485TKSW 485 14,000 1.4
ENV0625SKSW ENV0625TKSW 625 18,000 2.6
ENV0765SKSW ENV0765TKSW 765 22,000 2.6
ENV0900SKSW ENV0900TKSW 900 26,000 2.6
ENV1040SKSW ENV1040TKSW 1040 30,000 2.6
ENV1320SKSW ENV1320TKSW 1320 38,000 2.6
ENV1460SKSW ENV1460TKSW 1460 42,000 2.6
ENV1735SKSW ENV1735TKSW 1735 50,000 2.6
ENV2050SKSW ENV2050TKSW 2050 59,000 2.6
ENV2325SKSW ENV2325TKSW 2325 67,000 2.6
ENV2745SKSW ENV2745TKSW 2745 79,000 2.6

Useful Documents

Klargester Product Guide

Klargester Rainwater Harvesting Brochure

  • Self Build
  • Domestic & Commercial Buildings
  • Vehicle Washing Facilities
  • Plant/Tool Hire Washing Facilities
  • Garden Centres
  • Golf Courses (Green and Equipment Maintenance)

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