St.Catherine's School

130-pupil primary school in Dublin improves water management under the green schools programme.

The Project


This 130-pupil primary school in Dublin has excelled in environmental projects in recent years, under The Green Schools Programme. As part of this, the school decided to improve its water management and reduce the amount of mains water it was using.


Flushing WCs accounts for 85% of the water used in schools.  We supplied a Kingspan Envireau which collects rainwater from the building’s large roof and stores it in a large overground tank. From here, it is pumped to service flushing the building’s WCs.  The system is backed up with mains water in case rainwater supplies are exhausted or the electricity fails, while a digital display monitor in the school’s office shows children how much rainwater is in the tank.  Payback is estimated at between two and six years.


Kingspan Envireau

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