Allerton Waste Recovery Park

Allerton Waste Recovery Park (AWRP) is a joint project between North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and waste management company Amey.

The Project

Vinci Environment have been responsible for the construction of the project and have chosen to work with Kingspan Klargester to provide a number crucial items required for both the initial construction period and the ongoing running of the Waste Recovery Park.

The site is off mains and required a Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant to service the generated foul waste from up to 400 construction workers during the build. The system serves the offices and canteen area. The Canteen is served by a 6000 ltr Grease Separator before this waste is discharged to the EnviroSafe commercial sewage treatment plant. Sewage is delivered to the sewage treatment plant by a twin Foul Sewage Pump Station.

The EnviroSafe had to be designed to produce a high quality effluent on a site where the user figures rose and fell depending on what was happening on site. At peak, there would be almost 400 workers on site and when the site is fully operational, the figure will drop to only 70 workers. At handover, the plant will be re-configured for the smaller user numbers. A fueling area is served by a Forecourt Separator. 

Process waste water is contained in a Made to Order 26000 litres holding tank, designed to accept water at a high temperature. A surface water pump station pumps the oversill from a surface water lagoon to a drainage ditch on site.

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Sewage Treatment Plant
Forecourt Separator

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