Living Off-Mains – buying a property with an existing Kingspan Klargester system

27 March 2019 Áine Ní Fhlanagáin

Living Off-Mains – buying a property with an existing Kingspan Klargester system

barn sewage treatment and raintrap

Buying a property with “a Klargester” – what does it mean?

Larry was doing well. Since graduation five years ago, he’d landed his dream job and managed to save up enough for a down-payment on a home. After discarding several options, he found a listing for a house that appeared to fit his needs completely and he read that a Klargester system was installed. He had no idea what that was so research mode kicked in and he signed on his computer to see what he could find.

On your own

A Klargester system tells you immediately that the home you are looking at is self-sufficient in regards to wastewater treatment. The public sewer system is not connected to the property. You will be responsible for the upkeep and repair of the system. This is not a problem as long as there is an accredited local service available to do this. 

Two Types

The most important thing to find out is whether the Klargester system in question is simply a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant.  An older home is more likely to have only a septic tank than a newer one is, but it will be necessary to know which one is installed on the property.

septic tank is simply a storage system. It gathers the wastewater and keeps it until you manually empty the tank. This requires a different type of service than a wastewater treatment plant and may be more difficult to find a service that can help you with this.

wastewater treatment plant actually goes through the process of cleaning the wastewater before it is emptied back out into the environment. While there is still a need for yearly maintenance, the overall work involved is less. It is much easier to find service for the newer treatment plants. There are several different systems available, so it might be easiest to call the Kingspan Klargester helpline to get advice on system type, maintenance requirements or local partners who could have a look at the system.

A New Home

Larry took the information he found and made note of the questions he needed answered. Not only did he find out the house had a BioDisc system installed, he also discovered there was an accredited installer network in his area. This gave him the confidence he needed to make his final decision and purchase the house. He now spends his evenings and weekends in a peaceful environment.


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