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Speak to our in-house technical team for expert advice on the range of Klargester off-mains drainage systems. Email or call 01296 633033.

Expert technical support from start to finish

Our Klargester technical team work to provide an off-mains drainage system aligned with your bespoke needs, including effluent quality, treatment process and flow rates.  

Our engineers provide expert advice and support from start to finish, from product specification through to design and pre-tender technical specification review. With over 60 years’ experience in wastewater systems, we are able to tailor systems to meet any site requirements. 

We provide advice for new specifications as well as current specifications which require updating or refreshing.

World class design support

Our team of Klargester design engineers are well-trained in the needs and necessities of sustainable water technologies and their implementation to different domestic, commercial and public sector environments.

We have helped shape building regulations and legislation, so we’re on hand with up to date guidance on this ever changing landscape. 

Kingspan produce cutting-edge designs and working drawings using the most current AutoCAD technology.  3D drawings are available on request.

Technical Specification Review

Simple, unclouded specifications are paramount in obtaining excellence and speed in any project. Kingspan offer a technical specification review service using our distinguished engineers to provide a deep analysis of a document. This provides that the specification is as required and suitable for the project.  

During the specification review routine, Kingspan will focus on the following:

  • specification inconsistencies
  • omissions
  • ambiguities
  • specification errors

Given a specification, we offer crucial information on the complexity and cost of meeting your go

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