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With typical build costs of around £1400 per m2, living space comes at a premium. So how can you gain more living space?

Simple…it’s in the walls.

Our build systems are slimmer than any commonly available system and this means you gain more living space in your new home.

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See how much space you could gain - send us your drawings and we will e-amil your personal space gain result, along with how much more your home could be worth as a result!

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How do we deliver more space?

By using market-leading Kingspan Kooltherm insulation within a timber structure we can deliver high thermal performance within a slim wall build up – giving you more living space in your new home.

Compared to other common methods, a Kingspan build system could yield 68mm-139mm of additional space around the entire perimeter of your home. On an 8m x 10m two-storey house that means an extra 9 square metres of EXTRA SPACE

In Bedfordshire, Zoopla* values detached homes at £3,400 per m2, so 9 m2 of extra space could add up to £30,600 to the finished home value.

Or, if your budget is tight, you could even reduce the overall house size, saving you over £12,600 in build costs!

*Correct at time of collecting data

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Simply submit your drawings via our online form to receive your personal space-gain calculation or email your drawings to info@kingspantimbersolutions.co.uk

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