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The Tarecpir range of CFC/HCFC–free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation is suitable for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, such as process, petrochemical and LNG. Whilst retaining all of the benefits of rigid polyurethane insulation, Tarecpir has a considerably increased resistance to burning and spread of flame.

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Tarecpir M1-CR
Tarecpir B2
Tarecpir HT
Tarecpir HD
For cryogenic applications where excellent fire performance, enhanced compressive strength and resistance to thermal stress are required, Tarecpir M1-CR (cryogenic applications) has been developed.
Its fire performance and its resistance to thermal stress makes Tarecpir M1-CR ideal for insulation applications with a working temperature as low as –180ºC / –292ºF.
Tarecpir B2 (improved thermal efficiency) is recommended for building services where increased thermal efficiency is priority. Tarecpir B2 has a thermal conductivity of 0.026 W/m·K / 0.166 Btu·in/hr·ft2·°F.
Tarecpir HT (high temperature) is a specially modified rigid polyisocyanurate insulation with a standard density of 40 kg/m3 / 2.5 lb/ft3. Other densities are available upon request. Due to its special formulation, Tarecpir HT is capable of dealing with a continuous working temperature of +200°C / +392°F. When Tarecpir HT is used at high temperatures, the insulation maintains its closed cell content and its dimensional stability throughout its in service life. Tarecpir HT has been used on many high demanding projects worldwide.
Tarecpir HD (high density) is a specially modified rigid polyisocyanurate insulation available in a range of densities up to 320 kg/m3 / 20 lb/ft3. Tarecpir HD is particularly suitable for use in load bearing applications, making it ideal for insulated pipe support. The use of Tarecpir HD for insulated pipe support inserts can help to avoid the potential problems of cold bridging and / or energy loss between the pipework and support structure.

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Technical data
Thermal Performance

Tarecpir is one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials commonly available. It retains its thermal performance  by virtue of its closed cell structure and high resistance to moisture absorption. Tarecpir has a thermal conductivity as low as 0.024 W/m·K / 0.166 Btu·in/hr·ft2·ºF. A low thermal conductivity allows specified thermal performance standards to be achieved with a minimal thickness of insulation. This is particularly significant where space saving is important. A thinner insulant can facilitate installation in confined spaces. Furthermore, it can often result in a lower surface area and therefore savings in finishing materials.
Hand and flame
Fire Performance

Tarecpir is a thermoset material. When subjected to fire, its outer surface forms a strong carbonaceous layer that retards further flame spread and penetration. Unlike thermoplastic materials, Tarecpir does not melt or produce flaming droplets when exposed to fire. Tarecpir satisfies the requirements of major industrial specifications.
Temperature Range

Tarecpir may be used for pipework and equipment operating within the temperature range –200ºC to +120ºC / –328ºF to +248ºF, and even up to +200ºC / +392ºF for Tarecpir HT.
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Moisture Resistance

Tarecpir has a 95% (or greater) closed cell content, which makes it non–wicking and highly resistant to moisture penetration. This is particularly valuable in humid conditions where the build up of moisture can compromise the performance of lesser insulation materials. It is an ideal insulation material for cold, chilled and low temperature hot water pipework. When used in conjunction with a vapour tight facing, Tarecpir provides a system which is totally moisture resistant.
Chemical Resistance & Compatibility

Tarecpir is resistant to a wide range of oils, solvents and chemicals. Its compatibility with most solvent based coatings and adhesives, and polyester and epoxy resin based coatings, allows it to maintain its physical integrity when in contact with such substances.
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Tarecpir HT Technical Data Table

Tarecpir M1 Technical Data Table

Tarecpir B2 Technical Data Table

Tarecpir CR Technical Data Table

Tarecpir HD Technical Data Table

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