Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Support Inserts

Kooltherm Pipe Support

Premium performance insulated pipe supports

Kingspan Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Support Inserts provide optimal load bearing capacity whilst offering protection against insulation compression. Designed for use in pipe supports, hanger brackets and clamps, they will support the compressive loads imposed by horizontal pipework carrying water or other liquids.

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General Physical Properties (Kooltherm Insulation System)
Property Test Method Unit Typical Value
Nominal Density (EN ISO 845) / (ASTM D 1622) kg/m3 37 60 80 120
Thermal Conductivity at +10°C (EN 12667) / (ASTM C 518) W/m.K 0.025 0.031 0.036 0.045
Colour     Pink Grey Grey Grey
Closed Cell Content (EN ISO 4590) Method 1 / (ASTM D 2856) Method B % ≥ 90 - - -
Operating Temperature:
Pipe Section

Upper Limit
Lower Limit




Minimum Compressive Strength at +23°C (EN 826) / (ASTM D 1621)





General Physical Properties (Vapour Barrier Jacket)
Property Test Method Unit Typical Value
Weight (EN ISO 536) g/m2 100 + / -30
Water Vapour Transmission (ASTM F 1249)
(ASTM E 96) 
g/m2.24 hr
Fire Test Classifications (Kooltherm Insulation)
Property Test Method Typical Result
Reaction to Fire EN 13501-1 BL – s1, d0
Surface Burning Characteristics ASTIM E 84 Class A/1 (FSI 25/SD 50)
FM Approval Class 4924 FM Approved per  FM Approval Standard 4924 where manufactured and installed in accordance with the details of the FM Approval. Please contact Kingspan technical services for further information. 

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Which Pipe Supports Are You Specifying?

Over the course of any major project, service engineers may have to install thousands of pipe clamps/clips on the pipework of a building.

When installing these products, it is important to ensure there is a layer of insulation material between the metal clip and the pipework to prevent heat transfer and thermal bridging and in practice, most projects will either have phenolic insulated pipe support inserts or wood block pipe support inserts installed and in some cases nothing at all.

Our short video highlights the importance of choosing the correct pipe supports for your project. 


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