Therma Duct Insulation

Therma Duct Insulation

High performance duct insulation

Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation is a high performance thermal insulation designed for use on rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork in HVAC / building services applications. It can be used to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoors.

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Therma Duct Insulation brochure

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Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation comprises a high performance fibre-free rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core, faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation has a 90% (or greater) closed cell structure and a compressive strength that typically exceeds 140 kPa at 10% compression. Solutions are available to accommodate the surface curvature of circular and flat oval ductwork with an outside diameter (O.D.) of 80 mm or greater.
Thermal Performance

The thermal conductivities (λ–values) detailed below are quoted in accordance with BS EN 14308: 2009+A1: 2013 (Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations – Factory made rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) products).
Temperature (°C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)
-20 0.022
+10 0.023
+19 0.023
+25 0.023
+50 0.026
+80 0.030
Fire Performance

Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation is Class 1, as defined by BS 476–7: 1997 (Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products).

An Ecoprofile, certified by BRE Certification to the 2008 BRE Environmental Profiles Methodology, has been created for Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation produced at Kingspan Insulation’s British manufacturing facilities. The BRE has assigned the product a 2008 Green Guide Summary Rating of A+.
Insulated Duct Support Inserts 1 (Therma)
Load-bearing insulation inserts can be fabricated on site from standard Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation boards to suit the whole range of duct dimensions and insulation thicknesses. They can withstand the loads imposed by HVAC / building services ductwork at locations where ductwork supports and hangers are installed.

Kingspan Therma Flat Insulated Duct Support Inserts are flat rectangular strips of Kingspan ThermaTM Duct Insulation. They are used with rectangular and flat oval ductwork.

Kingspan Therma Circular Insulated Duct Support Inserts are curved strips of Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation or Tarecpir Pipe Insulation. They are not designed to support the compressive loads imposed by pipework carrying water or other liquids and should not be used in such applications.

Kingspan Therma Insulated Duct Support Inserts enable a more consistent run of ductwork insulation, by allowing specified insulation levels to be maintained at ductwork support and hanger locations.

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Therma Duct Insulation brochure

HVAC Ducting Installation Guide

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