Watchman Sonic FAQs

Our warranty period for the Watchman Sonic oil level monitors is 12 months. To check whether your unit is still under warranty look on the back of your receiver for a 6 digit number (under Part No), e.g. A45-2817 (28/17). If you are within 12 months of this date your unit is still covered by our warranty. 

What if I purchased my unit from a Kingspan stockist?

Please send us a copy of your receipt to verify when you purchased the unit and that your Watchman Sonic is still under warranty. 

You can register any of our Watchman products by clicking on the below link:


Register Your Warranty

To purchase any of our Watchman products you can contact our expert team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415.
Ensure that the space beneath the Watchman Sonic unit is free of any obstacles and that the ultrasonic beam path is clear of obstructions.

Where drilling is required to fit the transmitter, choose a flat level point that is at the same level and no higher than any opening at the top of the tank (filling point etc.) The Transmitter can’t sit at an angle as this gives an incorrect level reading on the receiver. Take care not to choose an area on which water could gather i.e. a dent/ depression or a position directly above any restricted area inside the tank.

If this fails to fix the issue please contact our expert team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415
We stopped manufacturing the Watchman Niveau in 2009 and no longer stock replacement parts or batteries. To ensure you continue to benefit from our market leading oil level monitoring systems we recommend that you upgrade to our Watchman Sonic or Watchman Anywhere.

To order your new oil level monitor contact our expert team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415.
We no longer stock replacement batteries as a stand-alone product. However, a new Watchman Sonic comes inclusive with batteries.
If you require a replacement, the Watchman Sonic Battery type is ‘CR2430’ available online from many stockists or the high-street.
Battery low

Before you open your Watchman Sonic unit please check whether it is under warranty (see question one). 

Under Warranty

If your unit is still under warranty and is clearly showing the low battery symbol on the receiver (see image to the right), please contact our Sensor Team: or 028 3836 4415. Units that are still under warranty SHOULD NOT BE OPENED, as this will void the warranty. 

Out of Warranty only

Batteries can be purchased from the Kingspan Part Shop or any shop on the high street that sells VARTA CR2430 batteries. 

  • Remove transmitter from tank.
  • Take transmitter indoors, into a clean, dry environment.
  • Using a cross point screw driver, undo the four screws, located under the main body of transmitter.
  • Remove the top cover.
  • Flip out battery.
  • Clip in new battery. 
  • Re-fit cover. 
  • Evenly tighten all four screws - do not over tighten.
  • Pair up transmitter and receiver. 
  • Replace transmitter on tank. 
transmission not heard
If the receiver plug is not picking up signal from your Watchman Sonic the display will be the same as the image on the right. To fix this issue you should retwin the Watchman Sonic unit with the receiver plug. If this fails to fix the issue please contact our expert team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415
no echo
If your receiver is showing the same display as the image to the right there is not echo being received by the sensor on the tank. To correct this, you should first check whether the sensor has been installed correctly - see section 2 (Tank Preparation) of your Watchman Sonic installation instructions. 

If you continue to have issues please contact the team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415
If your sensor has not reconnected to the receiver unit after 20 minutes please retwin them. If this does not solve your issue contact our team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415
There are two main reasons why your alarm may be triggering; 
  1. The Sensor has been installed incorrectly
  2. Your oil supplier has overfilled the tank.
In case of point one please refer to your installation instructions to ensure your sensor has been properly fitted. 
Check that you have correctly measured the height of your sensor. The maximum height for our sensors is 3 meters from the base, do not include the outer skin of bunded tanks in this measurement, and no lower than the maximum fill level of your tank. 
If your receiver is blank check whether your product is under warranty and then contact our sensor team via email,, or by calling us on 028 3836 4415. They will then talk you through the next steps.
The bar graph represents the level of liquid in your tank. Each bar represents 10% of the fluid height in the tank (not volume).

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