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The world’s most cost effective remote telemetry reporting platform

Kingspan manufacture and supply award winning telemetry equipment that provides key data metrics and reporting for fuel, lubricants, liquids, LPG, chemicals, solids, materials and water. To complement our smart monitoring portfolio we developed Connect Sensor, a secure database that communicates with remote transmitters using mobile and internet networks. Connect Sensor offers total control and visibility over all areas of your business, helping you monitor costs, energy usage and much more. 

Business Benefits

With Connect Sensor you can receive hosted data via PC, web, cloud, SMS, apps, FTP, email or ERP. Scheduled, customised and exportable reports can be used to measure cost, energy usage, carbon emissions and liquid or material level. Your Business could benefit from; 
  • Improved stock management and procurement through visibility of stock usage and supply levels
  • More efficient logistics management enabled by up-to-date data, you know 24/7 what is going on in your business
  • Cost effective data hosting offering scalability and reporting versatility
  • Reduced health and safety risks from pollution incidents which may occur from over filling tanks. Connect Sensor has highly accurate level readings.
  • Instant alerts via email or text when liquid, fuel or temperature levels change or there is a product failure

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What we measure

With Connect Sensor's fully integrated monitoring solutions, you can enjoy complete peace of mind with up to date data across the following areas:
  • Fuel and Lubricants
  • Liquids
  • Lpg
  • Water
  • Chemicals 
  • Materials - Bulk storage

Choose how you receive the data from our secure database. We offer complete flexibility with data transfer available via PC, web, cloud, SMS, apps, FTP, email or ERP.

We'll provide you with a personalised online dashboard which shows your data - statistics, measurements and levels across your entire tank population.

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Connect Sensor: How To Videos

Our 'How To' videos take you through the different features our Connect Sensor platform offers. 

Watch the full 'Connect Sensor: How To' playlist on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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