Watchman Universal Receiver

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Product Overview

The Watchman Universal Receiver is a handy universal receiver for heating oil and waste oil measurement. It's compatible with all existing Kingspan Smart Monitoring gauges and industry standard 4-20Ma sensors.

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Kingspan Smart Monitoring Product Guide

  • Leak alarm indication+ audible notification
  • Two fully configurable relay outputs (up to 240V, 500mA)
  • RS232 interface
  • Buzzer (80db)
  • Level measurement using ultrasonic or 4-20mA sensor
  • Display level in ‘Litres’, ‘cm’ and ‘%’
  • Compatible with 4.20mA and wireless Watchman transmitter range
  • Waste oil mode option
  • Easy to use screen menu with wizard setup
  • Theft rate alarm indication+ audible notification
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