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Manage your diesel stocks better with our onsite fuel tank monitoring technology

Manage your diesel stocks better with our onsite fuel tank monitoring technology

Fuel is estimated to account for around one third of a truck’s operating costs, so managing this asset is vital to protect the tight operating margins for haulage and logistics operators.

Storing diesel and AdBlue on-site makes round-the-clock refuelling of vehicles far easier. But that’s not the only advantage it offers – there are significant business benefits too.

Monitor On-site Fuel Stocks on Your Phone

Our advanced fuel tank monitoring technology now means that your diesel and AdBlue stocks can be carefully monitored, both locally and/or remotely. 
Data can be gathered for wise procurement and sound decision-making.  You can replenish stocks in good time before you run low, and you can even check on individual driver usage patterns. 
These insights keep trucks and vans on the road and support efficient business practices while maximising profitability.
That’s not forgetting the need for fuel security.  Diesel stocks can be an attractive target for thieves.  Fuel tank monitoring allows fleet owners to keep a close eye on stock levels and our technology also provides early alerts/alarms should levels suddenly or unexpectedly drop, either due to leakage or possibly theft.
On-site storage of fuel is also heavily regulated, with strict rules in place which are designed to protect people and the local environment from the impact of a diesel leak or spillage. 
Our tank monitoring technology provides a robust solution to help haulage and logistics operators comply with legally binding standards and deliver business-led benefits

Kingspan Haulage & Logistics Tank Monitoring Technology

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