Tank Monitoring for Fuel Oil Distributors

Effortless monitoring of your diesel stocks and better stock management with our onsite fuel tank monitoring technology

Effortless monitoring of your diesel stocks and better stock management with our onsite fuel tank monitoring technology

Our state-of-the-art fuel monitoring technology is helping fuel oil distributors (FODs) transform their business operations, drive greater profitability and improve their distributionservice to customers. 
Our intelligent oil tank monitoring solutions help FODs improve replenishment and logistics management, providing them with reliable data for better forward planning and greater flexibility around customer deliveries.

Remote Fuel & Oil Monitoring Improves Business Efficiency

Our WIFI-enabled tank monitoring devices measure the level of oil in your customers’ tanks. This information is then available to you through our secure online platform, giving you accurate data about your customers’ fuel levels and usage patterns.  
The data allows deliveries to be better organised, so that your tankers can depart on their rounds fully loaded and only return to base when they are completely empty, maximising every delivery run. 
It prevents over-filling and even allows your drivers to accommodate any unexpected occurrences on their rounds. For example, if a tank has been damaged and a delivery cannot take place then the information provided by the technology will allow a driver to adapt the rest of their schedule accordingly.  
Your customers can receive the same updates straight to their smartphones, which means that they no longer have to go outside and take their own reading via the dipstick. 
The information stored on the platform also helps with efficient fleet reporting, making it easy for you to provide CRC/DECC calculations for carbon and energy reporting.

Harness Your Data

Our intelligent systems have the capability to monitor tanks across your business giving you full transparency on the performance of your tank population.With our WiFi SENSiT tank monitoring kit we give your customers the peace of mind in knowing that their oil levels and refuelling needs are being taken care of by the experts.

Kingspan Fuel Oil Distributors Tank Monitoring Technology

Kingspan Smart Monitoring Product Guide

Kingspan Smart Monitoring Product Guide

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