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Easy management of your on-site diesel supplies for day-to-day refuelling of farm vehicles and machinery

Easy management of your on-site diesel supplies for day-to-day refuelling of farm vehicles and machinery

We work closely with the farming community to understand how we can support agricultural businesses and help you move forward.  
For instance, we know how important it is for farmers to make the most of every available workday.  We appreciate that ready access to on-site diesel makes refuelling farm vehicles quicker, easier, and it cuts costs.  However, we also know that rural crime remains a concern, including diesel thefts.
In addition, storing and monitoring bulk liquid fertiliser has many advantages for farmers, not least for the considerable time and money savings it offers. Your fertiliser stocks are protected by our low level alert as well as leak detection monitoring (optional).

On-site Diesel Stock Protection & Monitoring

Whatever your needs, we have a tank monitoring solution that will help.  Our diesel monitoring systems ensure you have greater stock protection and immediate access to information about your fuel supplies. 
The simple-to-use technology allows you to keep an eye on your diesel stocks and order replenishments in good time, avoiding the stress and extra cost of an emergency purchase. 
You also get an early, remote alert to any sudden drop in levels, for example if the tank develops a leak or anyone attempts to steal your diesel.  So, you can sleep easier at night knowing your fuel is secure.
And we provide all customers with full technical back-up and after-sales customer support and fuel management

Farmer Uses Kingspan Tank Monitoring

Anna Truesdale is a farmer based in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland with a huge following on social media. In a YouTube video (December 2020), Anna reviews the FM3500 diesel tank and tank monitoring.

Kingspan Agricultural Fuel Tank Monitoring Technology

Kingspan Smart Monitoring Product Guide

Kingspan Smart Monitoring Product Guide

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