KingPin Building Products

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KingPin Highlights

  • Coldrolled
  • Wall application
  • Duitable for new build
  • Lightweight which ensures easy installation.
KingPin has been designed to connect light-weight rainscreen façades to steel frame external walls. The use of KingPin and its mounting brackets can significantly increase the thermal perfomance of the external envelope of the building.

Technical and Design Services

Our Technical and Design Services teams can support your build at multiple stages in the project, including: 

Estimating Our estimating department, working in conjunction with the design office can provide an initial review for suitability.

Project Inception and Pre Contract Our design and engineering office will review your architectural GAs and provide suitability guidance for the KBS system with regard to thermal, acoustic, fire performance and foundation line load schemes to support frame design.

Full Design Stage From design, using the architects and engineers data, our designers will produce full GA drawings and full calculations for the steel frame design of the project and submit them for client approval.

Production The fully approved model will be used to create CNC data for the rolling mills. The output sections will then be assembled into panels in our factory under controlled conditions, mitigating on-site working risk.
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