Build faster and cheaper with SIPs

The Cost of Speed of
SIP Construction

Research Overview

This video summaries the new research which shows that building with Kingspan TEK Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) can save you up to 26% (8 weeks) of time on the construction programme and up to 2.9% of total construction costs.

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A Cost Saving, Faster Method of Construction. It’s about time.

Build quicker and cheaper with SIPs panels

With the aim of quantifying the value of using the Kingspan TEK Building System of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in new residential developments as a means of reducing the construction programme and managing project costs and risks, Kingspan Insulation commissioned Currie & Brown to investigate ‘The Cost of Speed of Construction in Private Domestic Real Estate’.

The findings of this research show that there are quantifiable benefits when using the Kingspan TEK Building System over a traditional masonry construction method. The key research findings concluded that:
  • for a single detached new build development, the construction programme could be reduced by as much as  26% (8 weeks);
  • for an apartment block, the construction programme could be reduced by as much as 20% (14 weeks)
  • in all scenarios using the Kingspan TEK® Building System meant the building would be watertight sooner, minimising the risk of any delays which could potentially pose significant cost implications in relation to preliminary costs; and
  • in 2 out of the 3 building scenarios, the Kingspan TEK Building System also showed construction cost savings of up to 2.9%.

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The Cost of Speed of SIP Construction

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