Willowbrook Pavilion

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) form the basis for a minimalist sports pavilion at the prestigious Eton College.

The Project

Eton College’s Willowbrook Outdoor Sports Centre offers advanced facilities for the school’s students and the local community including two state-of-the-art, floodlit all-weather pitches and clay and acrylic tennis courts. With the centre’s existing pavilion reaching the end of its useable life, a decision was made to replace this with an attractive new facility.

The new single-storey building has been designed by Lewandowski Architects and provides a range of facilities including changing rooms, toilets and a kitchen along with a roof-top viewing platform. Feltham Construction managed work on the project which included the demolition of the building’s outdated predecessor. Wood was a key part of the material palette with charred timber fitted for the outer cladding and birch-ply boards fitted internally. This approach extended to the structure, with Bentley SIP Systems using Kingspan TEK Building System for the walls of the structural wall. 

Kingspan TEK Building System
Delivery Partner:
Bentley SIP Systems
Windsor, UK
Eton College
Lewandowski Architects
Main Contractor:
Feltham Construction
The Kingspan TEK Building System was specified by Lewandowski Architects at the pre-tender stage and we worked with them from that point to the erection of the building shell. The System was chosen both because of its excellent insulation properties and because it could facilitate a fast-track construction programme. As we pre-cut each panel to the project’s specific requirements, we were easily able to incorporate features such as the structural steel which supports the retractable glazing to the front of the building.

David Bentley, Bentley SIP Systems
Kingspan TEK Building System is formed from SIPs with a high-performance, rigid insulation core autohesively bonded between two OSB/3 facings. 142mm thick Kingspan TEK panels were selected for the walls of the pavilion. As Kingspan TEK Delivery Partners, Bentley SIP Systems oversaw the design and factory cutting of the panels before delivering them to site.

The unique jointing system between the Kingspan TEK Building System panels ensures insulation continuity, helping to minimise repeating thermal bridges. In combination with the OSB/3 facing, this jointing arrangement also facilitates the creation of highly air-tight buildings. This should help to reduce the long-term heating requirements for the project and provide a warm, comfortable environment for athletes and spectators.

Once the panels were delivered to site, Bentley SIP Systems’ operatives were able to rapidly erect the panels with a dry installation programme. The precision factory design eliminated the need for offsite alterations and waste whilst the OSB/3 facing provided an ideal substrate for the external and internal timber cladding.

Images: Will Scott

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