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This range of Kingspan Titan oil tanks has been specifically designed and engineered as a first-choice storage solution for homeowners, contractors, developers and any other businesses with large capacity oil storage needs. Our oil storage tanks are manufactured to the highest quality and far exceed all current regulations and safety standards.

Our Titan oil storage tanks are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all spaces, from bunded oil tanks to single skin. Choose from horizontal, vertical and slimline bunded oil tanks from 1,000 up to 9,000 litre capacity, as well as single skin oil tanks up to 10,000 litres. We are proud to offer the most advanced range of bunded tanks in the UK and Ireland.

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Complete service support

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Oil Tanks FAQ

There are two types of oil storage tanks: single skinned and bunded. Single skinned tanks only have one “skin”, so one layer of plastic, in which the oil is stored. A bunded oil tank, on the other hand, can be thought of as a tank within a tank, as it has two layers of plastic. This offers double the protection of oil within your tank, reducing the risk of leaks and ground contamination.
On average, the life span of an oil tank is approximately 20 years, depending on the product type, which environment the tank is in and its contents.  We recommend that you get your oil tank rechecked by one of our OFTEC certified installers once a year for possible signs of rust, pipe clogs or oil inefficiency. This can be carried out in conjunction with your boiler service.
There are several factors to consider when buying a heating oil tank: how much oil you are planning to use, the amount of space you have, the number of family members, consumption habits, etc. Common residential heating oil tanks are sized 1,000-1,250 litres, but generally an allowance of 500 litres per bedroom is a good point of reference.
Oil tanks for commercial or industrial use will require substantially larger capacity. If you are unsure which size fits your needs, contact Kingspan or call us on +44 (0) 28 3836 4675 and we’ll help you choose the right product.
With our Watchman products, monitoring your tank level has never been easier. All EcoSafe tanks are equipped with a Watchman Alarm tank pack, which enables you to check your oil level remotely as the information is wirelessly transmitted to the receiver.In case of a sudden drop of oil, it also activates an alarm if there is a sudden drop of oil.This reliable measurement and control pack will help you to keep a constant check on oil levels 24/7.
Find out more about our Tank Monitoring products here.
Oil theft from your tank can be avoided with simple steps to discourage would-be thieves. Try to keep your tank hidden if possible, apply locks to all caps and vents and attach an oil alarm. With the Kingspan Watchman Alarm, you will receive an instant notification if the oil level in your tank suddenly drops. The Watchman Alarm fits all Kingspan oil tanks and has a 12-month replacement guarantee.
Before installing your new oil tank, consider the following points: the location of your tank, a level and solid foundation, and accessibility for the delivery driver to fill it up. It is important to follow correct installation steps to maintain tank warranty. If you are replacing an old tank, you should also think about removal and disposal in an environmentally friendly way. For futher information, please refer to the OFTEC website.
Regular maintenance of your domestic oil tank should be carried out, including visual inspections looking for rust, damage and cracks, and that the mechanisms and tank gauges are working correctly – check out our Tank Health Check for more information. If anything doesn’t look right, a professional should be contacted to offer a secondary inspection. Regardless, we recommend that you get your oil tank serviced by one of our OFTEC certified installers once a year. Oil tanks should be cleaned out every 3-5 years, depending on household size and tank use.

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