Custom & Rotational Moulding Service & Support

Custom & Rotational Moulding Service & Support

A Partnership which benefits you

When you work with Kingspan you work with a skilled and knowledgeable partner with the time proven expertise to successfully guide and support you through every stage of your rotational moulding project. 

Our comprehensive customer service solution will offer you expert manufacturing and materials advice, advisory consultations, value engineering, project management and our promise to deliver a solution that meets your specifications and gives you that competitive advantage in the market. By working with Kingspan, we guarantee a process that benefits you.

Benefits of working with us

Manufacturing Excellence For Custom Rotational Moulding
Kingspan custom rotational moulding offers a total solution:
  • Problem Solving - As the plastic moulding experts, we have a solid reputation of mastering the challenges of product differentiation, waste minimisation and speed to market- regardless of the scale or complexity of your requirements.
  • Advisory Consultations & Advice - We will provide on-site consultations and specialist advice. Your ideas and our expertise combine seamlessly in a constantly evolving process that delivers exceptional results.
  • Choosing Materials - Our in-house team of Research & Development experts know that choosing the right high-performance material is crucial. As such, they will research all options and offer advice to ensure your bespoke project consists of the optimal material from both a technical and economic perspective.
  • Supply Solutions - Kingspan have the experience and insight into the manufacturing process to ensure your product is produced, packaged and delivered on time.
  • Value Engineering - Kingspan engineers are knowledgeable experts who work to ensure an innovative, reliable and robust product, whilst minimising unneeded waste and maximising your return on investment.
  • Project Management - We’ll oversee your project at any stage of its development to help ensure that your product stays on course and delivers its maximum potential and to your exacting specifications.
  • Quality Control & Aftersales - We’ll help ensure your end product is of the highest quality and you’ll continue to have access to our expert team of advisors for as long as you need support.


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