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Each year, the emissions standards for diesel engines become more and more stringent. Any cars registered after September 2016 must now meet Euro VI standards which was specifically put in place to target a reduction in nitrous oxide (NOx) because they are a significant greenhouse gas and air pollutant, and the greenhouse gas effect of NOx is hundreds of times greater than that caused by carbon dioxide.

A car that meets Euro VI standards must emit 50% less NOx than a Euro V diesel car with a cap of 80mg/km. In 2000, the NOx limit was 500mg/km – this shows how huge the reductions are.

Due to their nature, diesel engines will naturally product more nitrous oxides than petrol engines. With these new introductions to emission standard, car manufacturers have had to invest in diesel engine filtration technologies such as SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. This SCR system uses AdBlue as a reducing agent to convert the harmful nitrous oxide into innocuous nitrogen and water.

If you have a car with an SCR system, you will be alerted when you need to refill your AdBlue. Most car manufacturers will advise that you need to refill your AdBlue at a reputable garage in order to avoid the risk of using contaminated AdBlue. AdBlue, by its nature, is very susceptible to contamination. Even the slightest amount of dirt/dust/fuel/oil etc can cause problems in an SCR system. For this reason, it is vitally important to ensure that the AdBlue tank that you refill from should be designed to protect AdBlue purity. Contaminated AdBlue can damage the SCR system within your car and this can be quite costly to repair, but to drive without a functioning SCR system can result in heavy fines.

Kingspan offer a wide range of BlueMaster AdBlue Tanks designed to guarantee the purity of AdBlue for its lifetime in the tank. 

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