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Commercial Vehicles, Trucks & AdBlue®

Protect your Commercial Vehicles with AdBlue®

In order to protect your commercial vehicles and fleet, AdBlue purity is essential. Even the smallest quantities of oil/dirt/fuel/water/dust/lubricants can seriously damage the SCR system within your diesel vehicle. This will leave you with an inoperable SCR system and at risk of heavy fines for not complying with emissions legislation.

While this could be a potential problem for one commercial vehicle, if you are refilling a fleet of vehicles from the same contaminated AdBlue tank, the financial implications of this could be catastrophic to your business. You are leaving yourself open to the risk of fines, replacing damaged SCR systems, and downtime coupled with potential loss of business while your fleet is off the road.

Euro VI heavy duty emissions regulations that have been introduced apply to all vehicles registered from 1/10/2009. The biggest difference between Euro VI and the previous regulations of Euro V is the reduction in emission limits for nitrous oxides from 3.5 to 2.0 g/.

For commercial vehicles in particular, the Euro VI emissions regulations introduced a reduction of 77% in the limit of nitrogen oxide (NOx). Such a sizeable required reduction is what lead to the design of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems that are now used in all new commercial vehicles on the roads today. AdBlue is the reducing agent used within the SCR system to convert the harmful Nitrous Oxide to innocuous nitrogen and water.

As AdBlue is so susceptible to contamination, it is vitally important to ensure that when refilling your fleet with AdBlue that you refill from an AdBlue tank that can guarantee purity and protect both your business and the environment. BlueMaster AdBlue tanks from Kingspan do just that by ensuring your AdBlue remains pure for the lifetime in the tank. This is accomplished in three ways:

  1. With a closed fluid path to rigorously maintain AdBlue purity
  2. Manufacturing and material compliance – all BlueMaster AdBlue tanks conform to the highest standards to deal with the chemical characteristics of AdBlue
  3. Expertise and knowledge – Kingspan have a team of experts who have engineered and manufactured liquid storage solutions for over 40 years. Over the past 10 years we have worked with AdBlue producers to create one of the safest and most environmentally responsible AdBlue storage solutions available.

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