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For over a decade Kingspan have been pioneers in AdBlue storage and dispensing tanks. We are proud to offer our global industry leading range to meet all your AdBlue storage and dispensing needs, no matter what the application. Our AdBlue storage tanks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs with a range of monitoring and management options available.

Years of innovation have put us at the forefront of AdBlue tank suppliers, developing innovative storage options that can handle different geographies, applications and weather conditions. Kingspan’s AdBlue tanks are always safe and secure, purity is maintained, and peace of mind guaranteed with all models complying with the necessary regulations and industry standards globally.

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AdBlue® Storage Tanks FAQ

AdBlue is a liquid solution of urea. When it meets a hot exhaust system it releases ammonia which is a catalyst to a chemical reaction that converts dangerous Nitrogen Oxides into two harmless products – water vapour and Nitrogen.
If AdBlue is stored correctly under certain circumstances - out of direct sunlight, between -6°C and 25°C - the product can be stored for up to 36 months. Too cold and the product will crystalize (-11°C), and too hot will start to decompose and lose essential parameters (+30°C).
As a guide, the below details relative storage period based on temperatures:
10°C - 36 months
25°C - 18 months
30°C - 12 months
AdBlue can be stored outside in a dedicated sealed tank, within a temperature range between 0°C and 30°C, and away from direct sunlight.
While AdBlue is not classified as a hazardous material (67/548/EEC), care should be taken when transporting Adblue due to it’s corrosive properties and reactions to certain compounds and materials such as mild steel, copper or aluminium as well as calcium and sodium hypochlorite.
Consider a dedicated transportation and dispensing tank such as BlueTruckMaster as a portable solution.
Depending on the size of fleet and vehicle type AdBlue consumption will vary. For example, one HGV unit will use up to 6,000 litres of AdBlue annually based on an annual mileage of 120,000 miles.
Kingspan offer AdBlue tanks ranging from 2,500L – 9,000L with its BlueMaster range.
AdBlue is a corrosive material and must not be added to the fuel tank. Damage can be caused to the tank and corresponding pipework if mixed. If in the unlikely event AdBlue is accidentally added to a fuel tank seek professional help to drain and flush the AdBlue solution from fuel tank.
Yes, Kingspan WAP and Kingspan Access. Third party options can be installed if required, such as Piusi MC Box or Horn HDA.


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Iconic, tough and undeniably unique. Experience the revolutionary TriComp AdBlue storage and dispensing system from Kingspan. Coupled with fresh design aesthetics and a new approach to branding, AdBlue purity is guaranteed and downtime is minimal. This solution has compact dimensions, making it safe and secure with industry leading componentry.

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