Kingspan Lumera

Kingspan Lumera Smoke Ventilation Window

Aesthetic roof window with concealed controls

The Kingspan Lumera is a high-quality architectural (smoke) ventilation window with slim profiles and controls that are hidden in the frame. The Lumera is especially designed for structural glass roofs with a small incline and is often applied in atriums of airports, hospitals, shopping malls and museums.

The Lumera is designed with an eye for detail and is therefore ideally suited for use in buildings with very stringent aesthetic requirements. Examples of this are the concealed controls and the glass fixing, which is not visible from the outside.

It can be mounted at an angle of 0-30º and as a result the Lumera is suitable for both day-to-day ventilation and smoke ventilation. It also consists of thermally broken aluminium profiles ensuring that a high insulation value is attained. 


Product Datasheet

Kingspan Lumera Ventilation Window | Product Data Sheet

Product Information

Features & Benefits
Test Results
  • Suitable for all types of glass up to 40mm thickness
  • Operating at angles up to 70° from the base structure
  • Provides for both natural ventilation and removal of smoke and heat
  • Available in both thermally insulated, standard insulated or uninsulated forms
  • Height: 300 to 2000 mm
  • Width: 700 to 3000 mm
  • Surface area: maximum 3.5 m2
  • Glass thickness: maximum 37 mm
  • Glass: fitted with recessed frame
  • Glass weight: maximum 55 kg/m2
  • Glass seal: silicone sealant joint
  • Seals: two double seals around using EPDM rubbers
  • Total profile height: 169 mm
For opening and closing the Lumera is fitted with one or two 24 Vdc chain motors. The controls can be designed to be fail-safe using batteries or via the control panel. A 230 Vac control is also possible. Gas springs can also be used to support the motors.
  • EN 12101-2 approved: B30030, Re1000, WL3000
    • Type M24V:
      • SL500, T(00) ≤ 2.43 m2
      • SL250, T(00) > 2.43 m2 and ≤ 3.5 m2
      • SL250, T(-15)
  • U-value system = 1.2 - 1.3 W/m2 K according to EN 10077-2 (depending on dimensions and version)
  • Air permeability: EN 1026: 600 Pa, EN 12207: class 4
  • Watertightness: EN 1027: 600 Pa, EN 12208: class 9A
  • Lumera has been aerodynamically tested without a crosswind effect; the use of wind-dependent control is a condition

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