Mechanical Extract Shaft Systems

Mechanical Extract Shaft Systems

We are Mechanical Shaft Ventilation Experts

Our teams are highly experienced in Mechanical Shaft Ventilation with years of experience designing Mechanical Shaft Ventilation systems using state of the art CFD modelling software. We also manufacture and supply a wide range of state-of-the-art control systems, extract fans and SHEVs (Smoke & Heat Exhaust Vents), that combined, can create a Mechanical Shaft Ventilation system suitable for use on any building type or application.

Mechanical Smoke Extraction Ventilation

Understanding Mechanical Shaft Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Shaft Ventilation systems use extract fans which are mounted on the rooftop of the building which “pull” the smoke via the vertical shaft from the affected floor(s), in the event of smoke been detected. In addition, an AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) would be mounted at the top of the stairwell as a fresh air inlet. The Mechanical Shaft system would be controlled by a central system that automatically opens and/closes vents based on triggered alerts from the fire alarm system and/or smoke detectors.


Benefits of Mechanical Shaft Ventilation Systems

One of the primary benefits of a mechanical extract shaft is that it requires less space on each floor of the buildings. A BRE shaft, used for Natural Shaft Ventilation would typically require a shaft of 3m2 running vertically from the bottom of the building to the roof while a mechanical extract shaft would only require a shaft with an area of 0.6m2. This represents an 80% reduction in required floor space required for the shaft on each floor, and on the rooftop. These systems are also multifunctional as they can be used for daily environmental ventilation as well as smoke control, potentially negating the need for additional dedicated ventilators, allowing building owners to make cost savings.

We Service Mechanical Shaft Systems

Our dedicated service and maintenance team also work to ensure that mechanical shaft systems are working correctly, compliant with current legislation and regulations. They service all types of mechanical shaft systems, including those designed by others and provide a full maintenance plan for all components and equipment, and also perform full system tests to check and adjust for correct pressure and flow rates to ensure that the system will be operated as intended in the event of a fire.

Smoke Ventilation Systems Maintenance

Mechanical Shaft Ventilation FAQs

A smoke shaft is a vertical passage which passes through multiple levels of a building with a smoke damper or Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) on each level used to allow the ventilation of smoke from an affected lobby or corridor, through the shaft and out of the building at roof level.


Mechanical Shaft Ventilation systems use extract fans which are mounted on the rooftop of the building which “pull” the smoke via the vertical shaft from an affected floor, in the event of smoke being detected. An AOV is also positioned above a stairwell to act as an air inlet to ensure that while smoke is being extracted from the lobby or corridor, clear escape and fire-fighting routes are maintained.

A Natural Shaft is a simple system that operates like a chimney, the natural buoyancy of the hot smoke allows it to travel up the shaft to the atmosphere, while in contrast a Mechanical Shaft uses a set of extract fans mounted at the top of the shaft to “pull” the smoke from the affected lobby or corridor. Mechanical Shaft systems are generally better suited to taller and more complex buildings.
There are two main benefits of a mechanical shaft system over a natural shaft system:
  1. A mechanical shaft requires less floor space on all floors of the building which is important for many building owners as they strive to maximise usable space.
  2. A mechanical shaft can provide a guaranteed extraction rate and is not generally affected by weather conditions.


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