What Is Smoke Control?

9 March 2019 Kingspan Light + Air UK
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Smoke control is an aspect of fire safety that refers to the principal of redirecting hazardous smoke and fumes in the instance of a building fire. A correctly-working smoke control system will keep smoke away from escape routes and enable easier ingress for fire fighting services, saving both lives and assets which are otherwise at serious risk from smoke during a fire.

Such smoke ventilation systems can be passive or mechanically-assisted, utilising smoke detectors, vents, smoke curtains, smoke dampers, smoke shafts and fans to protect a building such as a multi-storey apartment block or an underground car park.

The system is only truly operational if all elements work in the correct sequence (for example dampers blocking smoke from entering a floor where there is no fire, but opening on the fire floor to allow smoke to leave), and therefore their maintenance has to not only check each element is intact but that each is talking to the main control systems that govern them.

Maintaining smoke control systems is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Smoke Control Systems

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