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Kingspan Light + Air deliver venerable ventilation safety for Trinity Centre Aberdeen

Kingspan Light + Air deliver venerable ventilation safety for Trinity Centre Aberdeen

Kingspan Light + Air was approached by Trinity Centre, Aberdeen to conduct improvements to the building’s smoke management and ventilation systems. The Trinity Centre recognised that their infrastructure was due important health and safety upgrades and looked to Kingspan Light + Air for a specialist and bespoke solution. 

About Trinity Centre Aberdeen

The Trinity Centre, Aberdeen opened in 1984 in the heart of the city and is one of Aberdeen’s premier shopping locations. The one-floor shopping centre, known for some time as ‘The Mall Aberdeen’, is positioned on the city high street and is comprised of nearly 30 store outlets. As a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, the Trinity Centre recognised a need to update its existing ventilation and smoke management systems to ensure the safety of visitors and staff, shoring up any weaknesses and future proofing the infrastructure.  

Why Kingspan Light + Air?

Where possible, The Trinity Centre was looking to upgrade the existing safety systems rather than conduct full replacements. Kingspan Light + Air was introduced to plan out the project to ensure safety according to specific requirements, budget, and with respect to the original installation. 

Having surveyed the smoke management and ventilation systems in place, Kingspan Light + Air identified that the smoke vents were reliant on a supply of compressed air to remain open. Kingspan Light + Air encouraged the conversion of the smoke vents to a failsafe system to ensure that the vents will remain open in the instance of fire, irrespective of other apparatus. Taking into consideration the existing panel’s reliance on compressed air to close, Kingspan Light + Air recommended an air compressor unit utilising a motor pump assembly would guarantee reliability at all times. 

To support the upgraded smoke vents, Kingspan Light + Air recognised that a replacement control panel was required. The original system relied upon outdated control panels running on 240v mains voltage, posing additional personnel risk. By installing a new three-zone control unit, Kingspan Light + Air simplified the management of the separate zones and introduced additional safety through an integrated isolator. The Trinity Centre’s new control panel is not only safer for personnel to use, but it also allows for greater control of the converted smoke vents.

Finally, Kingspan Light + Air installed an air dryer, auto-drain and oil/water separator to manage harmful condensations from the system. This apparatus ensures that any waste produced through smoke management is safely disposable in line with the Water Resources Act of 1991.

Kingspan Light + Air has delivered a modern and compliant smoke management and ventilation solution that satisfies the centre’s specific requirements and ensure the safety of staff and visitors. Working in close collaboration with Kingspan Light + Air, the Trinity Centre will benefit from routine service and maintenance to monitor the functionality of the systems and ensure it is working as expected. 
Knowing that we have a comprehensive smoke management system in place at The Trinity Centre, Aberdeen is hugely important to us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Kingspan Light + Air for listening so carefully to our requirements and meeting them at every stage. We have absolute faith in the safety and reliability of the system and know that we have 24/7 access to maintenance should it be required.

Linda Stewart, General Manager of the Trinity Centre

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