High School Lycee Lucie Aubrac

Smoke management system in glass rooflight for an environmental friendly high school in Paris’outskirt, with a total capacity of 1 500 students.

The Project

The new Lycee Lucie Aubrac high school in Paris’outskirt (France), with a total capacity of 1 500 students is an environmental friendly building with a Net ZeroEnergy objective, to reach a neutral balance between energy consumption and production. The building is certified according to French standard « NF Bâtiments Tertiaires – démarche HQE ® » (High Environmental Quality approach) and also has the label « BEPOS Effinergie® ».

The premises are organized around a long inner street, covered by a monumental glass rooflight. This bioclimatic space allows a high level of daylighting. Daylight plays an important role, both in building management (energy saving) and in improving user well-being (psychological and physiological).

The Smoke ventilation and natural ventilation system provided and serviced by Kingspan Light + Air, is designed with 26 units of Kingspan Optima louvred windows integrated into photovoltaic glass rooflight, as well as façade air inlets. The opening smoke vents were connected to STG control panels - MZ2 and Compact.

The architect found that "From a technical standpoint, innovative and available technologies have been searched to reach sustainable objectives, especially as regards energy savings."


Case study

Case Study High School Lycee Aubrac

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