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Heathrow Terminals 2 & 5

Large baggage handling zones have unique fire risk assessments with escape routes, machinery and air quality to consider and every year 70 million passengers pass through Heathrow airport.

If you assume an average of one piece of luggage per passenger, then you’re looking at 190,000 or more items getting handled every single day at Heathrow.

That means the facilities on site have to be up to the task of managing that vast flow of traffic while offering safe and healthy working environments for the staff tasked with making sure your suitcase reaches its destination unscathed.

Kingspan Light + Air was appointed to the project of maintaining smoke control systems in the baggage handling zones of terminals two and five. This involved responsibility for ensuring the ongoing operation of pressurisation systems, smoke extract fans and smoke and fire dampers, all of which are crticial and contribute toward ensuring optimal smoke safety in a busy, high profile environment.

Our dedicated team of engineers schedule regular works designed to streamline and minimise disruption, while also undertaking works to improve ducting airflow.

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