Bron Afon

Service Solution for Registered Social Landlord

Fire safety is an integral responsibility for social landlords. Ensuring dwellings are safe and that there are systems in place to alert occupants to a potential hazard and escape the building easily and safely is a fundamental requirement.

Bron Afon has in excess of 8,000 tenants and 1,000 leaseholds in the Cwmbran area of South Wales. Recognising a need to service and maintain its smoke ventilation systems across its portfolio, Bron Afon approached Kingspan Light + Air to deliver a compliant review of its systems in over 130 properties.

Regulated by the Welsh government, Bron Afon has an ambition to create flourishing communities where everyone has a quality home. With this in mind, Bron Afon understood that it was its social responsibility to provide comfortable and compliant homes that its customers would be confident in. Bron Afon sought to undertake a pro-active maintenance approach to its smoke management systems, to ensure its systems were functioning as expected and would perform if required.
Safely Maintained

With a portfolio of over 130 properties, Bron Afon required regular service and maintenance of its smoke management systems in its dwellings. The social landlord required one point of contact who could conduct a thorough investigation and maintenance of its systems to ensure the solutions would perform in the event of a fire.

All sites within the Bron Afon portfolio have simple automatic opening vents (AOV) at the top of the stairwells and use a chain drive window located on the top floor. Keeping entry and exit routes clear of smoke is a main function of the AOV allowing for ease of evacuation for occupants and safe entry and exit for fire fighters in the event of a fire.

One major challenge facing the maintenance team is that many of the AOV systems are above the stairwell void. The Kingspan Light + Air team attend the site with specialist stairwell scaffolds to ensure the safety of both engineers and occupants. Stairwell scaffolds allow the Kingspan Light + Air team to conduct thorough maintenance checks of the existing systems to ensure performance and functionality.

A programme of planned and responsive maintenance ensures that Bron Afon provides safe and secure homes to its tenants at all times.

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