Car Park Ventilation & Smoke Management

Smoke Control & Ventilation for Car Parks

Our team are experienced in designing, installing and maintaining smoke control and ventilation solutions for car parks, including underground car parks. Systems for car parks need to focus on both day to day ventilation and smoke ventilation to ensure day to day air quality is maintained by extracting exhaust gases produced by vehicles, and when required that smoke is removed quickly and efficiently.

We Understand Car Park Ventilation

Enclosed or underground car parks may suffer from a build-up of hazardous fumes from car exhausts if not properly ventilated and the ventilation systems employed often also double up as smoke control systems, using jet fans to zone areas and direct smoke or fumes toward an extract fan plant room and then safely outside.

These systems are often running all day while the car park is in use, and to ensure proper and energy-efficient operation they need regular scheduled maintenance. The specialist Kingspan Light + Air service teams work with clients throughout the UK to design ventilation solutions for new existing car parks while we also review existing systems and make recommendations on cost-effective improvements wherever possible.

From Design to Installation

We work with clients from architectural design stage, through to supply, installation and commissioning of the entire system, while our engineers work closely with fire consultants, consultant engineers and mechanical/electrical contractors to provide a safe, economical and efficient car park ventilation system that meets all the necessary requirements of the local fire authority.

Smoke ventilation systems may be designed in addition to provide clear smoke-free access for fire fighters to tackle the seat of the fire or to protect means of escape from the car park. These systems are more complex and exceed the requirements of the Building Regulations but are recommended and are something we can also provide as a solution.

Ventilation Solutions for Car Parks

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