Smoke Control Systems

Smoke Control Systems

Smoke Control Systems to maximise building safety

Smoke control systems are designed to extract smoke during a fire. They create smoke-free zones, enabling occupiers to escape and firefighters to enter quickly and safely. Whilst occupant safety is the primary purpose of smoke control systems, they also help to limit smoke and heat damage to the property and its contents. The combination of both life and asset protection can, in some cases, help to lower insurance premiums and provide peace of mind that the building, and everything within it, is protected.

Our solutions can be dual purpose, providing both daily building ventilation and in some cases daylighting. It includes a range of vented skylights, louvred vents, flap vents and ventilation windows. They can seamlessly integrate with any building management system and work in tandem to ensure a safe, well-ventilated space.

Our range of Smoke Control solutions include:

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