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Stock & Procurement Management

Integrated management solutions

Imagine being fully in control of your stock usage and supply levels 24/7. With Kingspan Sensor’s fully integrated monitoring solutions, you can enjoy complete peace of mind with up to date data across the following areas: 

  • Fuel and lubricants
  • Liquids and LPG
  • Materials – bulk storage 
  • Water
  • Cold storage 
Our web based reporting platform, Connect Sensor offers complete peace of mind with scheduled, bespoke reports using data transmitted from our central, secure database, giving you the information you need to make cost saving business decisions every day.
Improve stock and procurement management 
Kingspan Sensor has been helping businesses around the world improve their stock and procurement management practices for over 15 years. 
When it comes to commodity procurement and stock reporting, our customised, exportable reports help you save money, time and energy. Connect Sensor offers consumption and level data that shows:  
  • Delivery quantity to your tank estate 
  • Current levels/stock of your tank estate 
  • Current ullage for pre-planning delivery quantities 
  • Consumption history
As well as providing bespoke reports on aggregated fills and usage through the year, we can also provide instant alerts via text or email when there is unauthorised use or theft of stock.  

Benefits of Connect Sensor telemetry

Reduce Health and Safety risks

 Our data gives you total visibility of what is happening in your tank population. The result? We can help reduce high risk, costly on site pollution incidents caused by overfilling tanks. Our online monitoring platform means everything can be monitored centrally from a web enabled device therefore there is no need for unsafe ‘dip stick’ methods of measuring tank levels. We know how health and safety incidents can affect anyone’s business and we are here to help eliminate some of these incidents.

Save time on Compliance Reporting 

Connect Sensor provides key data metrics suitable for all levels of Energy and Carbon reporting – both are critical for effective corporate governance. With comprehensive consumption data available on demand via your secure Connect Sensor interface, it’s another way that we’re helping you save time and money when it comes to business reporting.  

Installation and Technical Support  
Choose Kingspan Environmental Services to professionally install your system. Your warranty starts when our engineer registers and activates your system, not when you buy it. 
After the installation, we offer continual support from our online, telephone and on-site service. To find out more about our account management services, email or call 0844 846 0500.

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