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Avoid flooding and fines with effective maintenance planning

Separators trap hazardous substances to prevent them entering the local environment, therefore preventing pollution on your site. If they are not properly serviced and maintained they can become blocked, with the filters stopping the flow of water and causing overflow or flooding. Consequently, you could be fined for not complying to EN 858-2 guidelines or prosecuted for polluting the local environment.

As such, it is vital that the service and maintenance plan you select enables your Klargester separator to meet this standard and continues to be non polluting. Our service team have developed our service plans for Klargester separators, as well as other brands, found in; distribution centres, forecourts, hauliers yards, car parks, industrial sites where oil is stored and vehicle maintenance areas.

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Separators are attached to surface water drainage systems to separate oil, or other hazardous fluids, from surface water. They are essential to help you avoid pollution on your premises and therefore it is vital that they are serviced and maintained properly in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, ISO 14001 and EN 858-2.
Where would I find a separator?
Guidelines laid out by the Environment Agency and EN858-2 state that your separator should be serviced at least twice per year and in line with manufacturer recommendations. This should also include a 5 year integrity check.
Kingspan’s service and maintenance plans have been developed using our knowledge of a range of separators and in accordance with the Environmental Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines and EN858-2.

During our service visit we will;
  • Complete an internal inspection of the structure for internal damage.
  • Check closure device to
  • ensure it is unrestricted by new filter.*
  • Remove oil probe to be cleaned and tested to ensure its operational.*
  • Fit all covers and check separator is fully operations.
  • Complete log book and sign off on site.*
*If applicable

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Monitor your separators at the touch of a button.

SmartServ Pro

SmartServ Pro has been developed by Kingspan to give owners access to vital information about the health and performance of your separator, a well as other essential systems on your estate, via your phone or computer. Such visibility will allow you to monitor the performance of your wastewater systems any-time, anywhere, without having to travel to each site and installation to gather individual readings. 

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