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Premium hot water cylinder system service and maintenance packages

Our expert mechanical and electrical engineers will ensure your system continues to meet warranty requirements by conducting a complete cylinder inspection and performance review. You will receive a thorough initial inspection, followed up by annual check-ups to ensure the integrity of your product. Furthermore, any parts that require replacement will be taken from our stock of genuine parts and spares.

  • Protect your hot water cylinder from as little as £18.70* per month.
  • Initial inspections ensure the cylinder meets building and manufacturer’s regulations and reviews the operating performance.
  • Annual reviews include conducting safety checks on all components and a performance review.
  • Please note that if you purchase your service plan now, your scheduled maintenance visit will occur in the last quarter of the year. If you require an immediate service, an additional charge will be applied.

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*Please note that this price is product and location dependent, excludes Solar


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Kingspan and the Hot Water Association (HWA) recommends that you have your hot water cylinder serviced annually to ensure it remains in top working condition and, as a result, safe working order. Annual servicing could help identify any potential issues caused by hard water, and as a result limescale, any broken or faulty parts and broken system controls, which could lead to a costly replacement if left unchecked.
Furthermore, unvented cylinders have a greater service need due to the water being stored in a sealed, pressurised vessel at high temperatures. Annual servicing will allow a service engineer to test safety valves, pressure and general performance to ensure the cylinder is working at optimum efficiency.
During your service visit our expert engineer will;
  • Inspect your hot water system has been installed in compliance with Building Regulations
  • Check the flow rates (hot & cold)
  • Check the temperature of hot water
  • Inspect joints to the cylinder for leaks
  • Check for correct operation of safety relief valves
  • Thermostat check and set
  • Clean the inline filter within the inlet control set
  • Check the pressure charge on the expansion vessel and recharging if required
  • Update your Service Record
  • Tailored service plan to ensure your Hot Water Cylinder continues to work as expected throughout it's lifespan.
  • Ensure your system meets the warranty requirements outlined by the manufacturer.
  • Genuine Kingspan parts and spares used on any repairs. 
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Do you have a Kingspan Solar Thermal system heating your water? Our engineers are backed by more than 30 years' experience in maintaining solar thermal systems and use this to identify any potential issues with your system. 

Your maintenance visit will cover; visual inspection of sensors, cables and barium getter on tubes, antifreeze levels and PH, controller settings, system pressure, expansion vessel pressure, system dearation, flow rates, flow systems and full inspections of Kingspan hot water cylinders.

Speak to the team now to ask about combining your Hot Water Cylinder Service with a Kingspan Solar Thermal system check today. 

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