It is reported that one quarter of all generator failures are fuel related, with 80% of fuel tanks tested considered 'at risk' due to the levels of contamination present it's clear that dirty fuel can have a detrimental effect on your business. As a result of this contaminated fuel and the resulting generator failures, you could be left without back up power in the event of a power failure. Whilst there are a number of factors contributing to the contamination of your stored fuel, contaminants such as sludge and rust found within dirty tanks are a significant issue. 
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What does the tank cleaning process involve?

When cleaning your fuel tanks the Kingspan team will transfer your fuel to either a holding tank or IBC, depending on the volume held within. Once the remaining fuel is securely stored, we will then begin the deep cleaning of your fuel tanks, fuel lines and filters. This deep clean process has been developed specifically to remove all sludge, organic matter and other impurities from the inside of your tank. Before the fuel is returned to the tank, the team will thoroughly rinse it with water and leave it to fully dry, therefore ensuring that water does not contaminate your fuel. 


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Tank Cleaning

Will the contaminants from my tank effect fuel quality?

As part of our Integrated Fuel Management Solutions we offer Fuel Polishing. As part of the Fuel Polishing process a site assessment is carried out, which includes a fuel resilience survey to assess whether your stored fuel meets EN590 and ISO 4406 standards (click here for more information). During this process, our expert Fuel Management team will take samples from your fuel tanks for a full laboratory analysis. This enables us to identify any contaminants that may be present in your stored fuel and form the basis of a custom fuel management plan for your business, therefore ensuring your fuel is fit for purpose. 


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