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Our intelligent grease management solutions are specifically designed for hospitality, food service and public sector establishments that process large amounts of fat, oil and grease via kitchen waste water.

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Our intelligent grease management solutions are specifically designed for hospitality, food service and public sector establishments that process large amounts of fat, oil and grease via kitchen waste water.


We offer Grease Management Solutions for a wide range of sectors;

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❱❱ Odour    ❱❱ Continual Pump outs    ❱❱ Clean Up    ❱❱ Disruption


With increasing legislation, and the increasing powers of water authorities to penalise persistent polluters, our aim with our Smart Serv Grease Solution is to help our clients prevent, rather than react to, the costly issues poor FOG management generates.

Saves money

❱❱ Reduction in pump out / emptying costs

❱❱ Easy installed – lightweight requiring minimum labour

❱❱ Only Gets Emptied when needed


Peace of Mind

❱❱ Totally Managed System

❱❱ High Level Alerts direct to mobile phone

❱❱ Reduced Health & Safety Risk – due to cross contamination

❱❱ Keeps you Compliant – avoiding fines & negative PR


More Efficient

❱❱ Super capacity

❱❱ Captures 95% grease compared to an industry norm of 25%

❱❱ Compact with SMALL Foot Print

❱❱ Reduced Odours


❱❱ Retro fit system

❱❱ Interconnecting Units – system can grow as your business grows

❱❱ On the floor / Suspended from ceiling or in-ground installations


We offer a one stop customised solution to your Grease Management Needs ensuring that your system is correctly sized and maintained as and when needed, providing many years of problem free efficient protection.

Our Complete Grease Management Solutions comprises of the following: 

 Advice & Install Of Unique Design Grease Trap

❱❱ Bespoke applications to suit business needs.

❱❱ Hydro Mechanical Grease Traps sized on flow rate not covers.

❱❱ Easier to size for required Capacity.

IFOG Bacteria Dosing Unit

❱❱ Natural, Environmentally friendly bacteria.

❱❱ Continuous Monitored Treatment.

❱❱ Keeps Pipes & Drains Clear – Reducing Pump-out requirements.

 Full Visibility of Levels of all Assets

❱❱ Market Leading WAP Probe & Control Panel installed to measure levels.

❱❱ Remote access to levels of multiple assets over multiple locations.

❱❱ Sends out alerts to indicate when full – reducing pump-out requirements

 Service & Maintenance Package

❱❱ Highly Experienced and expertly trained Service Engineers.

❱❱ We use the Monitoring System to monitor the system for you.

❱❱ Properly maintained units maximise their operation and prolong the life of the unit.




❱❱ Retro-fit / Bespoke systems    ❱❱ New Build     ❱❱ Passive & Mechanical Solutions


The Building Regulations 2000 pt H - Drainage & Waste Disposal (2002 edition) clearly set out rules for the management of grease :

2.21 Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator complying with BS EN 1825-1:2004 and designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-2:2002 or other effective means of grease removal. Grease Traps and Interceptors must be fitted by law to the following establishments.

If your local authority visit your premises and find that grease from your establishment has blocked the main sewer, then you are liable.

In the Past establishments have been fined up to £35K for not having adequate provisions in place.

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