The Kingspan performance difference

Kingspan solar thermal tubes outperform other manufacturers in several key areas, leading to stronger tubes and better overall efficiency for the entire life cycle of the product.


1. A Better Manufacturing Process

Stringent quality control 

Each solar thermal tube is tested over 17 times. These tests control for both the quality of the collectors themselves, and their performance under a range of load conditions. Kingspan's highly-automated solar line is the only manufacturing process in its class that includes both outgassing and vacuum pumping as part of its testing procedures. 

Strict quality standards ensure that only the best quality tubes leave our factory floor.

2. A Gold Standard Vacuum

Kingspan is widely respected in the market for the high vacuum pressure achieved by its collectors - a quality that protects the collectors against the effects of aging.

Our 10-6 mbar vacuum tubes are the quality standard bearers in the marketplace, with other manufacturers striving to emulate the standards we have set.
solar factory 3
HP400 (4)

3. Superior Glass

Better glass = better efficiency, better payback and better resistance to impact.

Better efficiency
Many other manufacturers use a light material called borosilicate glass as one of the main components in their solar thermal tubes. However, this glass type increases heat loss at a rate of 20% over a 4.5 year period (De Winter, 1992) leading to a reduction in efficiency.

Soda Lime glass - a denser material used by Kingspan - was shown to be ''virtually unaffected by helium build-up, which significantly improves the lasting performance of the vacuum tube.'' (De Winter, 1992)

Higher resistence to impact
The density of soda lime glass leads to physically stronger tubes. Kingspan Thermomax tube holds the EN-12975-2 independent hail impact certificate that borosilicate glass cannot achieve, proving its higher resistance to impact.

Overall, better quality glass will lead to better efficiency (and thus better financial savings!) when taking into account the payback of a vacuum tube over its entire lifecycle.

4. Better Light Transmittance

The quality of glass used in a solar thermal vacuum tube will also affect its efficiency and performance. Better quality glass provides a higher light transmittance which increases the output of the solar thermal collector.

The transmittance level of the soda lime glass used by Kingspan is higher than that of borosilicate glass. When more light can pass through the glass (a process that is central to solar thermal energy generation), efficiency levels will be higher. The increased light transmittance over time will translate to better energy generation and thus a better return on your investment.
thermomax house illustration render

5. A Fully Engineered System

Kingspan local engineers will support and assist during installation, commissioning and through the life of the system.

Product support for borosilicate evacuated tubes, manufactured in China,  is notoriously difficult to attain. We are the only manufacturer offering full systems that have been designed for the exact purpose of system integration.

As a full system, Kingspan will stand over its design and function. This will ensure that all components are sized correctly for the purpose of the engineered system; including pumps, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, etc. Kingspan will also program the controller also to ensure that the sequence of operation that has been agreed upon.

Taking responsibility for this and all the other components, coupled with our on-site support ensures that the engineer is confident the system will perform and that the follow up support is there afterwards.

Kingspan Thermomax replaces under-performing Chinese tubes

The founders of  SolarWorxs, renowned installers of solar thermal systems, looked to Kingspan when the efficiency of their chinese solar system began to decrease over time.

SolarWorxs founders had a wide range of experience in the solar industry throughout the years and Kingspan Thermomax stood out for the longevity and long term performance of the tubes.
Following a replacement of the Chinese system with a Thermomax system from Kingspan,their summer tank temperatures increasing significantly.

A lower profile and reduced size also contributed to better aesthetics. Kingspan are keen to stress the importance of choosing a long lasting and durable system, that will remain efficient for its entire lifecycle.
The lasting power of solar thermal systems are not all the same.

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