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The flexibility of the Kingspan solar thermal tubes makes them ideal for use in applications where high volumes of hot water are being used on a daily basis.

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How one dairy farmer cut his energy costs by more than €1,000 per annum

An Irish dairy farmer sees huge cost savings with installation of solar thermal technology from Kingspan.

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A dairy farmer in Co. Longford, Ireland, has installed Kingspan solar thermal
technology and in so doing, has reduced the annual cost of running his milking
parlour by more than €1,000 per annum.

Eugene Fitzpatrick milks his herd of 120 cows twice daily, each time washing down
the milk lines in the parlour’s 14 units with up to 200 litres of hot water.
An engineer from Kingspan Solar’s expert team was invited to survey the site and
offer recommendations for installing a solar thermal system which could provide
a supply of heated water to support the needs of the dairy as well as additional
hot water to feed the calves.

The system which was specified features 2 x Thermomax HP400 (30) Evacuated
Tube Collectors – a total of 60 roof-mounted tubes. It was installed in November
2015, using an existing 500 litre cylinder, backed-up by electrical immersion
heaters, and with a gas boiler providing instantaneous hot water if required.
Last year, in its first full year of operation, the solar collectors delivered all the
farm’s required hot water without any need to use the immersion heaters between
the months of April and September.

The financial savings have also been significant – on average, the cost of heating
water has been cut by €108 per month; a total saving of €1,300 per annum. The
installation cost was c. €5000, and Mr Fitzpatrick was able to claim back €800-
900 in VAT. The system is expected to payback in around three years.

Brochure: Solar Thermal Solutions for Farms

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