Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Air Vented Skylight


Fresh Air and Natural Light | The Kapture Air Provides Both

The Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Air takes the exceptional light benefits of the standard Kapture skylight and combines it with natural ventilation to offer a single-component solution. It’s precision-engineered shape and triple-glazed polycarbonate layers maximises both light transmission and diffusion, whilst a motorised actuator allows warm air to escape and fresh natural air to enter the building.

  • Motorised actuator for convenient daily ventilation
  • 100% diffusion with nano-prismatic technology, makes this natural ventilation solution a perfect source of natural daylight also
  • Wind and rain sensors available, for added comfort and user convenience  
  • White uPVC or galvanised steel base, to meet your design requirements

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Air - Product Data Sheet

Product Information

Product Dimensions
Product Performance

Dimensions (mm)

Product reference Roof Opening Length x Width Skylight Base Interior Length x Width Drive Lift Height Free Ventilation Area (m2)
KS700DLK 930 x 930 730 x 730 300 0.44
KS700DLK 930 x 930 730 x 730 500 0.73
KS1400DLK 1720 x 930 1520 x 730 300 0.68
KS1400DLK 1720 x 930 1520 x 730 500 1.13
KS1500DLK 1720 x 1790 1520 x 1590 300 0.93
KS1500DLK 1720 x 1790 1520 x 1590 500 1.56
KS2750DLK 1720 x 2996 1520 x 2796 300 1.29
KS2750DLK 1720 x 2996 1520 x 2796 500 2.16

Light Transmission

Product reference Diffusion SHGC (g-value) Light transmittance (%)**
Standard 100% 0.7 83
Climate control 100% 0.45 81
**Light transmission according to EN 410 is as measured on 600mm x 600mm samples

U-value: 2.2 W/m2K. (glazing), 1.3 W/m2K. (base)

Nano-prismatic Technology

The Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture rooflight features a polycarbonate layer made up of microscopic prisms. These ‘nanoprisms’ disperse light far more efficiently than conventional pigmented diffusion approaches and enable daylighting to be predictably modelled, like a light fitting.


Kingspan Guarantee

Kingspan Guarantee covers the structural and thermal performance, of Kapture Air, for a duration of up to 25 years.

A warranty for the period of one year, covers the pneumatic and electrical actuators. With a service and maintenance contract, the duration of this can be extended.

You can click here to download BIM files for the Day-Lite Kapture Air from the BIM Store.

Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Performance (DoP) | Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Skylight

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