SAP calculations and EPC assessments

SAP calculations

All new dwellings must have an assessment of energy efficiency performance, environmental impact and building regulations compliance undertaken at design stage prior to the commencement of works on site.

SAP is the ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ methodology used to produce a calculation and its resulting outputs are used to demonstrate to a Building Control Body that a building will be constructed in compliance with appropriate regulatory guidance. This calculation is then updated once the house is physically complete, to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the finished dwelling and to show that the completed property complies with the regulatory requirements. 

EPC assessments


All homes built on or after 6 April 2008 need to have an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC.

EPCs tell owners, potential buyers and tenants about the energy efficiency of a home and how it can be improved. It is the responsibility of the builder to provide an EPC when a home is constructed and physically completed. This will also apply if a building is converted into fewer or more units and changes are made to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning/ventilation services.

The only person who is able to produce an EPC is an accredited energy assessor.

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