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Here at Kingspan we aim to provide clear and proven information about our products and their fire performance. The information on this page summarises key research about our products’ fire performance in conjunction with the Building Regulations / Standards. For specific products' fire ratings please see their product page.

Sure Fire Performance

Learn more about the fire performance and testing of Kingspan's products.

Sure Fire Performance

The fire performance of Kingspan Insulation products

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Latest BS 8414 test results

Comparative BS 8414 System Tests

Side by side footage of BS8414 tests featuring two different insulation types shows that systems which feature insulation that is not classified as 'non-combustible', may perform as well as systems that feature insulation that is classified as 'non-combustible'.

#TheFactsMatter - The relative impacts on facade fire spread of different types of insulation & ACM

This video illustrates, using ISO 13785: 1 tests, that the impact of using PE cored ACMs has far greater impact on the cladding system performance than whether the insulation material used is combustible or not.

#TheFactsMatter - Kingspan Kooltherm Charring Demonstration

This video shows how Kingspan Kooltherm insulation chars when it is burnt and self-extinguishes when removed from a heat source. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/2DydP3b

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